Saturday, June 17, 2006

Clemens Return to the Majors (not Poker) =)

Clemens Return....

I know this has nothing to do with poker but I just had to share the time I had watching Roger Clemens on his road back to the Major Leagues. Roger took the mound for the Round Rock Express (AAA Pacific Coast League Affiliate of the Houston Astros) last night against the New Orleans Zephyrs (AAA Pacific Coast League Affiliate of the Washington Nationals) . As I sat on the berm (outfield grass) in right field watching the hoards of people pour into the "Dell Diamond" to watch a future Hall of Fame pitcher, in his last minor league start before joining the Astros, I was still amazed that I was able to get a ticket for the game. This was one of the biggest things to come into the Austin metro area for awhile. As he walked in from the bullpen before the game we walked over near the stand where he shook hands with a local Little League team that was taking the field as part of the "Baseball Buddies" program sponsored by the Express. You know those youngsters will always remember shaking the hand of a great baseball player. I know I would have enjoyed that. I grew up watching Clemens through college (HOOK 'EM HORNS) and then early in his career as a Boston Redsox player. The clapping and cheers for Clemens prior to the game was almost deafining from the record 13,000+ fans. The cheering continued as he took the mound to start the first inning.

Roger had an extremely rough first inning giving up 3 runs on 3 hits while walking 2 batters. Like everyone in the stands I thought that the umpire had a VERY TIGHT STRIKE ZONE. Unfortunately like everyone I thought it was going to be a short night to see Clemens pitch. His team mates did come back with a vengance and score 2 runs in the bottom of the first inning. Joe McEwing did say a few words to the umpire ( I suppose it was due to the horrible strike zone ). Coach Spillman got ejected during the discussion near home plate. Round Rock went up in the 4th inning for good with a two run homerun from left fielder Luke Scott. Clemens pitched great after the first inning.

He ended up pitching 91 pitches in 5 2/3 innings with 5 strike outs. I know I am a big kid but I really enjoyed seeing this feat.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Big O" Wednesday Tourny

Well 33 minutes until we get started and there are 19 players registered. It looks like we will have a great turnout again tonight. Mookie has been lining them up and getting them to sign up.

I am getting antsy to get this game started. I am sitting here watching the WPT trying to see if there is anything I can learn. I already know I do not know everything about the game and can always learn a few new tricks. 18 minutes till game time....

wooohooo.. Looks like 34 players tonight... here we are at the table... seat 1 Texicans (Henry), seat 2 ladyluck91, seat 3 DogLawyer, seat 5 RoccoBoxer, seat 6 buckhoya, seat 7 MOOOOOOOOKIE99 (our gracious host), seat 8 me, and seat 9 is humanaut.

OUCH! I just gave half my chips to RoccoBoxer (Jim). I had AcQc... he won with pocket 7's... needless to say I did not catch anything. I am sitting at 942.
ROCCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! busted me.. I had 4c4s ALL IN for 577. Rocco called with KcJs and caught a King on the flop and a J on the River... Out in 32nd place.

One of these days I will win the race.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

PS Tourney 23113817

As I sit here trying to blog for the first time and play poker I wonder... WWMD?? (What would Mookie Do) This was a cheap tournament so I decided I would try. It is a $3.30 tournament on PokerStars with 1615 people entered. After 9 minutes there are already almost 200 people gone. As you can tell I am not getting stellar hands since I am not telling you about them. All I have contributed so far is a small blind and a big blind. The best hand I have seen was QhJs, but someone went all in and no way will I call an all in with that hand out of position.
Here I am in the big blind again with a 4h2c.. Flop is 3hQh7h.. All checks.. turn is Kc.. bet is $40 and I call trying for my weak flush... River comes 4c.. I loose.. lol
Ouch... that hand hurt. I am in the small blind with As9c. Two other players. Flop comes AhAd8c.. I bet $40... 1 folds and 1 raises $100.. I call... Turn comes Kc.. I check... he checks.. River comes 7h... I bet $80.. he raises to $160.. I call... He wins when he turns over an Ac8d...
18 minutes in and 400 players are gone. I am still sitting with $1000 in chips and the blinds are 15/30.
Well... not much more happening here... 30 minutes into the tournament I still have not hit a hand and am sitting with 880 in chips at 25/50.
wow that was short... I am done in 919th place... I had KdTh in the big blind. flop came Qh8hTh.. I go all in with 850... 1 caller with 6h7h... the turn was 4c.. I am looking good so far... River (THE STINKING RIVER) came Jh... he won.